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Alltek has been providing reliable service and automated control systems for decades. Our technicians have extensive experience with Honeywell®, Johnson Controls®, Novar®, Danfoss®, and our own in-house brand: Automated Specific Intelligence (ASI). Alltek partners ASI Controls to create a seamless and full-featured control and power system experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Smart HVAC systems can regulate how much heat or air to bring to each section of the building based on trending data and alert building managers of required maintenance or imminent problems. Remote capabilities are available to control a building HVAC system from anywhere. All technologies aimed at running the system more efficiently and saving money. The control design work we have done include universities, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, and many specialty applications.

HVAC Diagnostic Testing
    • New construction/design
    • Build/remodels/repairs/warranty work
    • Service/preventative maintenance/fabrication
    • HVAC Control
    • Lighting Control
    • Fuel Monitoring
    • Security Management
    • Access Control
    • Intrusion Detection
    • System Integration
    • Emergency systems
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Power Connections
    • Fuses
    • Paging systems
    • Energy management systems
    • Control wiring

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